The Music


"These songs are life giving in the midst of a broken world. Reflective and full of grace; awesome debut album." 
- Will Connor

"In an age in which novelty often comes at the expense of beauty, Sarah Tullock's work provides a wonderful counterexample. Her craft blends eclectic influences into a compelling voice all her own -- one that is forward-looking while maintaining organic roots in the folk traditions that have given our nation its artistic identity. Sarah's music has an immediacy of appeal, and her lyrics bear a message that the world needs to hear."

- Ethan McGrath

"This is a beautiful collection of songs full of Truth. The arrangements are fresh and original. The instrumentation is simple and refreshingly tasteful. But the lyrics are what sets this album apart. Sarah is a wonderful songwriter and this collection is both inspiring and encouraging."
- Timothy Sunday

Original Music

I will always bring a certain amount of original music to a concert. Some of it is designed for praise and worship, and some of it is centered on reflection and prayer. All of it has a special focus: God's love, the life of Jesus Christ, the leading of the Holy Spirit, and social justice through these avenues.

Covers and Standard Tunes

When playing for a church or faith community, I like to communicate with leaders and planners to learn about favorite songs of the group or congregation. I try to bring some of this known music with me to concerts so that a space for worship and comfort can be created.

Special Music for Worship Settings

When I visit churches to add one or two small pieces to the larger worship service, I like to communicate with the music minister or director to make sure that the music I bring is tailored to the message of the day, so that a door is opened for clear communication and worship of God with no distractions from anything in the music.

From the Heart

To be a good communicator, a person needs to be truthful and honest. One of my desires in music writing is to put honesty and heart into every detail. Sometimes that means joy - other times? It means wrestling and searching. I believe that all of this has a place in human life, and that God can be found in every corner of every feeling when we are being honest.