Well, there's a lovely little EP waiting to hit iTunes. I promise I haven't forgotten.

The thing is, kids get sick, stuff happens at work, wedding music crops up, family matters become complicated, travel becomes necessary . . . life! 

Funny enough, the EP is called "3rd Day Life."

I should've known better than to put "life" in the title of something again. Every time I do that life gets real loud and demanding, as if to remind me, "You don't know everything so don't even pretend like you do."

Anyway, my new album release date for "3rd Day Life" is going to be NEW YEARS!!! Actually, this has become a tradition. This will be my second EP to come out on New Years Day. 

So, to get you hooked and remind you that, yes, some of these nutty songs end up being nifty, I am sharing one track for free. Take a listen. Enjoy. Share with your friends. Times are tough for independent musicians and writers, so every bit of support we get through word of mouth is a huge blessing.

This EP was produced by Brett Nolan of the Soundry in Chattanooga, TN. It's my city. He's my friend. If you live nearby, you need to book some recording time with him. He takes ridiculous ideas and gives them a fighting chance - and he's willing to work with folks like me, patiently and with a lot of good will. I am always giddy when I get the chance to head back to Soddy Daisy for some time in the studio with my buddy, Brett. 

Here it is, my favorite thing from this sweet little EP about "life":

Don't be shy - comment! Share! Encourage somebody. Tell Brett Nolan what a great job he did :-)