I forget sometimes why I wrote a particular song . . . if I'm lucky one of my friends might remind me . . . 

When I told the guys at the studio that I wanted to record a new take on this song I'm pretty sure they did an inward eye roll . . . . (you did, didn't you?). But it turned out ok.

I haven't played this song in over a year. Not even in my own home.

I stumbled across this sermon today. One of my friends gave it a few weeks ago. The kid and I were out of town. A shooting had taken place close to my house . . . a shooting that made it to all the major news outlets . . . even the BBC.

So I wasn't there to hear this sermon. But I sure am glad I heard it today. I remember again why I love this song and John 1:5.

Man. I am like anybody else. I go looking for the trouble instead of hearing the part that Jesus saw fit to repeat again and again - blessed, blessed, blessed . . . 

Don't be fooled.

There's a bright light and it expresses itself in terms of our joy, which is more than a shallow happiness.