My Dad is not a wordy person. And he's a humble guy. He probably wouldn't want me writing a whole blog post about him. But I will write a whole post about the difference it makes to know somebody like this.

I have watched my Dad do the right thing many times over. I can't explain to you how many ways I've seen my Dad choose to do whatever is good. And he chooses it quietly.

I have watched my Dad choose a peaceful existence many times over. If you knew him, you would understand.

He has chosen peace as a way of being, but not for some kind of philosophical reason. He's chosen it, I think, because it makes good sense. Because "let it be" is good advice. Because God has repeatedly told us that worrying does no good at all.

Dad and I used to go on walks. Sometimes we still do when I visit. I loved to go on walks with my Dad when I was growing up - especially when I would come home from college - because I wanted to hear what he had to say. What a gift. Just to have the time to hear the words.

I have always known that my Dad is trustworthy. What a gift. To know that someone can be counted on.

It's hard to explain what that kind of parent does for a kid. As a teacher, I see lots and lots of families. I see kids moving through all kinds of situations - kids who have and haven't grown up with a Dad like mine. 

A Dad like that? A Dad like mine? He makes a difference. That doesn't mean that everything is always perfect. It also doesn't mean that kids won't make their own mistakes or that we will always take good advice when it's given. But a Dad like that makes a difference.

It's not easy to write songs for people you really love. But this is the truth. We watch our parents and they impact our lives continuously. I am so thankful to still be watching and learning from my Dad.