Friends, I am all out of words.

For now.

It's a funny thing - I think maybe watching my own children will be the greatest adventure of my entire life. And I'm sure it'll induce me to write. 

But right now? During my 9 month Advent season?

I just hope too many things to really write.

I can tell you about the show I played this month with a band so different from my own that one would think it'd be a disaster - but it was truly awesome. Amazing. One of the best concerts I've played in a while.

I can tell you all about one of my composer friends who graciously allowed me to play a couple of my little folk songs at a going away concert for him (he's going to Germany for a while). 

I can write about the life of a church body and all of its natural turmoil and blessing.

But I can't write about what's happening in secret for the next year of my life - the most important work I'll ever do.

Life's crazy, people.

But it's a good kind of crazy.